Partial Care Program

Journey to Wellness is pleased to offer its Partial Care/Partial Hospitalization Addiction Treatment Program to our community.

Partial care provides group-based, customized, intensive, structured outpatient treatment. This is accomplished by comprehensive outpatient substance abuse treatment program in a therapeutic environment. The service is offered to addicted people who are able to function at school, work or home; but need a level of treatment services beyond the traditional outpatient program.

The definition of “partial care” also embraces an intensive treatment schedule. Usually partial care, or partial hospitalization, is done for 20 hours or more, from 5 to 7 days per week.

This program allows our clients to return home daily after treatment, and begin the transition back to everyday living situations and challenges. Clients are provided with short-term treatment that is customized to their respective levels of functioning, yet fully addresses the nature of their addictions.

The program is considered to have been completed when:

  • the client has met treatment plan goals and objectives
  • the client’s condition is stabilized, such that his or her condition can be managed without professional intervention
  • the client is well-associated with external support systems, to help maintain stability of recovery