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Women And Addiction

Over the course of the last hundred years in the United States, women have been encouraged to self-medicate for emotional and physical symptoms of the estrus cycle, which were formerly labeled as hysteria. In the early 1900s, physicians regularly prescribed opiates for moodiness, pain or fatigue. Coca-Cola®, which contained cocaine as an ingredient in those […]

What Everyone’s Raving About (Club Drugs)

Club drugs are a category of recreational drugs which are associated with discothèques in the 1970s, and dance clubs and raves from the 1980s to the present day. Differing from other drug categories, which are established according to their pharmacological properties, club drugs are a “category of convenience”, which includes the popular MDMA (“ecstasy”), the […]

Trauma And Relapse

Experts in addiction and the mental health field have long known of the links between trauma and the subsequent use and addiction to alcohol or other drugs, as well as the link between trauma and relapse. Research has found that victims of trauma are four to five times more likely to be affected by alcohol […]

Trauma And Addiction – Treatment Priorities

Today, when one hears the terms ‘trauma’ or ‘Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder’ (PTSD), one might be inclined to think first of a disorder suffered by some people in or out of military service who have been exposed to combat in the field. On the contrary, trauma or PTSD is hardly limited to the men and women […]

The Brain Disease Of Addiction

All drugs, whether from a natural or laboratory source, are chemicals, and as such they network into the central nervous system (connected to the brain by the spinal cord) and change the way nerve cells process information. Some drugs, for example marijuana or heroin, can activate nerve cells by mimicking the chemical structure of a […]

Substance Abuse Emergencies

Overdose   The term drug overdose (or simply overdose or OD) describes the ingestion of a drug in quantities greater than are recommended, prescribed, or generally practiced. A drug overdose is widely considered harmful and dangerous as it can result in death. What should be done if one is with someone who has overdosed? Remain […]

Sex Addiction

“Sex addiction” is descriptive of the behavior of someone who has an unusually intense sex drive or obsession with sex. Sex and sexual thoughts dominate the sex addict’s thinking, making work or engaging in healthy personal relationships difficult at best. The sex addict engages in crooked thinking, often justifying their actions and blaming others for […]

Partial Care Program

Journey to Wellness is pleased to offer its Partial Care/Partial Hospitalization Addiction Treatment Program to our community. Partial care provides group-based, customized, intensive, structured outpatient treatment. This is accomplished by comprehensive outpatient substance abuse treatment program in a therapeutic environment. The service is offered to addicted people who are able to function at school, work […]

Outpatient Treatment Center

The transition from an addicted lifestyle, to alcohol or drug abuse treatment, and back to a normal daily routine can often be very difficult for the addict. The successful outpatient drug and alcohol recovery program is comprised of both group and individual therapies. Outpatient and intensive outpatient programs provide non-residential treatment in a clinical environment, […]

Medication In Addiction

For many drug addicts, including alcoholics, the most effective rehabilitation programs consist of a combination of behavioral therapy and medication in addiction treatment. A form of treatment known as “maintenance therapy” is commonly used for rehabilitation of people addicted to opium-based drugs (opium, morphine, heroin, etc.). A drug with comparable effects is prescribed which produces […]